Highlights and Lessons Learned 2017–2021

Highlights and Lessons Learned


We are pleased to share with you this look back at our highlights, achievements, challenges and lessons learned during our last strategic period, 2017–2021.

Over the past years we have grown and matured as an Alliance, strengthening our community and our capacity for collective action for gender justice.

Our community has strengthened its institutional base, advanced accountable practices and contributed to progressive policy change, making strides towards the consolidation of a global network working collectively to transform masculinities through an intersectional feminist perspective.

This site highlights some of our key results and lessons learned along our journey over the last strategic period. Under each area of our work it gives an overview of what we have achieved, provides members’ perspectives and key resources, and outlines our learning and how this has shaped the direction of our new strategic plan for 2021–24.

It is based on the results of an external evaluation carried out in 2020 which widely consulted our members and feminist partners, as well as our own ongoing monitoring and reporting.

Explore highlights in each area

Building a Community for Change

Accountable Practices and Partnerships

Shifting Discourse and Policies