Highlights and Lessons Learned 2017–2021

Accountable Practices

and Partnerships

Accountable practices

Promoting and strengthening accountable practices in the work on engaging men in gender justice has become a core role for the Alliance and we strive to center accountability in everything we do. 

Our members are increasingly aware of, and uphold, the Alliance’s Accountability Standards.

Why is accountability vital for work to engage men & boys in gender equality?

global accountability
workshops held
0 %
of regional respondents selected
agree/strongly agree with the view
that the Global Alliance has created
awareness and supported efforts to
strengthen accountability practices
in their regions
accountability dialogues
held with women’s rights
and other critical partners
0 %
of global and regional respondents
agreed that the leadership at the
various levels holds itself and its
members accountable to the Code of
Conduct and the Accountability Standards

“Our accountability process has matured and strengthened over the past three years and has guided us through some challenging cases and decisions. That work is not over, however, as we need to figure out how to apply accountability practices at an even deeper level, internally and externally. For example, how does accountability intersect with the current anti - racist movement, the #MeToo movement, and efforts to decolonize engaging men and boys work"

Evaluation participant

Key resources

Accountability Standards and Guidelines

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Accountability Toolkit

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Stronger partnerships and movement building

Our members have built meaningful partnerships and act in solidarity with broader women’s rights and social justice movements.

We have moved towards adopting an intersectional approach in our work, adding a masculinities lens to issues of racial justice, climate justice and LGBTIQ rights.

0 %

Nearly 90% of respondents at the global level agreed that their respective networks ‘collaborate with, have open dialogue and accept constructive criticism from the feminist/social justice sector’

Key resources

Why is the Oldest Women's Peace Organization Mobilizing Men for Feminist Peace
Understanding the Global Tide of Patriarchal Backlash, MenEngage Ubuntu Symposium

“The Alliance is about to speak up about climate change and our responsibility as MenEngage activists to speak up and do something about it. Now we are recognizing more the specific struggles of trans and non - binary people. Now we are talking more about accountability to the feminist movements and the LGBTQI movements as a cross cutting theme in all we do. And during these last few months after the murder of George Floyd and the protests, now we are talking more about racism and anti - blackness. In sum, it's an increase in political awareness.”

Evaluation participant

A Practical Approach to Prevent, Address, and Document Domestic Violence under COVID-19

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