Highlights and Lessons Learned 2017–2021

Building a Community

for Change

A shared vision

We have committed to working together for transformative change – across borders, cultures and languages.

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From Delhi to Kigali: Setting a stage for 3rd MenEngage Global Symposium

Key resources

Ubuntu Declaration

The outcome document of the Ubuntu Symposium, the Ubuntu Declaration is our updated political agenda and collective vision for change
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Transforming Masculinities

This report explores some of the latest discussions on key themes and challenges for MenEngage Alliance
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Stronger foundations for change

It takes clear processes to come together effectively as a global alliance. That is why we have established global and regional systems for collaborating with accountability, shared power, and mutual respect.

The governance structures of MenEngage Alliance been strengthened:
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“I think the Alliance has strengthened itself overall at various levels of functioning and effectiveness. There are more systems and structures in place to support in moving towards the vision and mission of the [Alliance].”

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Shared leadership

Our community has strengthened participation, diverse representation, and shared decision-making at all levels.

A more inclusive community

We are proud to be represented and led by voices from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and experiences.

Our Global Board includes dedicated seats for representatives of Women's rights (29%), youth (6%), and LGBTIQ (6%) organizations, with 47% representation from the Global South

Building and Engaging Young Leaders: a Menengage Strategy 2021-24

“Whereas there is participation of young people in the spaces and activities of the Alliance, there is a need to do more. There is a need to take a deliberate move to have young people be part of the decision making and composition of the board, lead on the activities and furthermore create spaces where young people can voice their issues. If we did this, we would achieve more and have meaningful participation of young people.”

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Vibrant regional networks

Our six regional networks are active communities with strengthened collaborative models and capacity to transform masculinities and engage men and boys in gender justice.

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We have seen increasing interest in joining MenEngage Alliance in all regions, with membership growing 28% from 2017-2020

“One of the great contributions of the global alliance has been to respect the autonomy and form of organization of each of the regional networks.”

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Resources from our regional networks

MenEngage Africa SRHR toolkit

A toolkit by MenEngage Africa for young people on SRHR advocacy
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A guide produced as part of the SRHR for All project in Latin America
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IMAGINE toolkit

A toolkit produced as as part of the IMAGINE project, a joint initiative by members of MenEngage Europe
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MenEngage Alliance South Asia symposium session

An Ubuntu Symposium session hosted by MenEngage South Asia on eliminating early and forced marriage.

Latin America Ubuntu Declaration

Members of MenEngage Latin America present their regional Ubuntu Declaration.

All I Know

A short film produced by CariMAN.

NAMEN symposium

The NAMEN regional Ubuntu Symposium on intersectionality and decolonization.

Increased understanding and learning

Our members have a deepened understanding of our priority issues and have strengthened their capacity to address these issues through effective programming and advocacy.

thematic consultations and global organized with members and partners
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products developed
regional and national symposia on masculinities

Key resources

A Discussion Paper

An analysis of the political, economic and socio-cultural forces confronting the world today and their links to masculinities
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SRHR for All Report

An overview of the discussions from our SRHR for All kick off meeting
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Climate Change Paper

An analysis of some of the links between masculinities and climate justice
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Over 7 months, the Ubuntu Symposium brought together over 5000 participants from 159 countries across the globe to share knowledge and experiences of engaging men and boys for gender justice. In over 170 sessions, 600 speakers shared the latest insights in efforts to engage men and boys in areas such as gender-based violence, sexual and reproductive health and rights, fatherhood, unpaid care, militarism, LGBTIQ rights, climate justice and more.

The Symposium resulted in the Ubuntu Declaration and Call to Action, our collective vision for change.

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The 2nd MenEngage Africa Symposium was held in 2019 in Maputo, which brought together 500 delegates from 25 countries and resulted in a collective ‘Maputo Declaration and Call to Action’.


Memoria "VII Coloquio Internacional Hombres y Masculinidades"

Highlights from the 7th International Colloquium on Masculinities in Costa Rica in 2019.

Latin American Regional Colloquiums

MenEngage Latin America co-organized the 6th Colloquium on Men and Masculinities in Recife, Brazil in 2017 and the 7th Colloquium in San José, Costa Rica in 2019. The colloquiums have played a crucial role in the consolidation of this field of work and study in the region.

As part of the Costa Rica Colloquium, the first Latin American Forum on Masculinities in Adolescence and Youth was held, leading the formation of the Latin American Youth and Masculinities Network.

MenEngage Latin America hosted a parallel regional Ubuntu Symposium in 2020 consisting of over 100 webinars bridging the gap between academia, activism and art.


A MenEngage Europe membership meeting held in Vienna in October 2018 brought together 50 network members from 21 countries, where participants collectively developed a roadmap for the regional network.


A more connected community

We have improved internal communication flow between the Global Secretariat and the members, and among regional networks.

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