Highlights and Lessons Learned 2017–2021

Shifting discourse

and policies

Coordinated advocacy

As a global social change network, our advocacy efforts have become more connected from national to regional to the global level.

We have put effective systems in place to support members to mobilize for progressive policy change.

collaborative advocacy initiatives with UN agencies
events co-organized at key policy spaces together with our members and partners
advocacy actions with women’s rights organizations and networks
activists from across the regional networks and at-large members form the Global Advocacy Working Group, a key space for collective strategizing and agenda setting

“What I particularly like about MenEngage is that you are not given a script telling you what to do or say. If it is CSW, you map out the spaces you want to go to and if you need any skill or help in developing a presentation, there is a team ready to help you. At the end of the day, it is your voice that speaks and not an NGO saying your story for you.”

Evaluation participant

MenEngage Africa has made significant progress in advocacy, which has resulted in governments increasingly engaging with network in their policymaking, particularly on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR), ending child marriage (ECM) and Female Genital Mutilation (FGM).

North America

The North American MenEngage Network (NAMEN) established a Policy Advocacy Committee which has been developing the network’s capacity to engage in meaningful policy advocacy and developing a regional advocacy strategy

Latin America

Some Country networks in Latin America have carried out advocacy efforts and engagement with policy makers and government institutions at the national level, resulting in a favourable institutional climate for men and masculinities work that is feminist and human-rights based.

Increased advocacy capacity

Our members have built their skills to advocate effectively for policy change.

advocacy capacity strengthening sessions with over

Knowledge and discourse

Our network has generated a knowledge base on policies globally that engage men and boys for gender justice.

We have contributed to the strengthening of global discourse and put forward a strong framework for approaches to engage men and boys that are gender transformative, feminist-informed, human rights based and fuly accountable to women, girls and other marginalized communities.

policy briefs
policy score cards
policy analysis and
monitoring reports
In partnership with FemJust, we developed a framework for assessing policies on engaging men and boys using an intersectional feminist and human rights-based analysis. We produced policy score cards analyzing the policy design, policy content, implementation, and monitoring and evaluation of 9 national level policies on engaging men and boys.

Turkey Policy Scorecard (forthcoming)

“There is a need to ensure that this work is continually framed in terms of its real intention of transforming patriarchy otherwise leaves risks for superficial understanding of its concept among stakeholders.”

Evaluation participant


Policy Brief

Jurisprudence of CEDAW and General Recommendations
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ICPD: Past, Present and Future

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Lists of Issues and Recommendations

Ensuring the Implementation of a Transformative Framework for the Engagement of Men and Boys Policies
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Briefing note

Engaging men and boys and transforming masculinities for the realization of CEDAW's Mandates
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Generation Equality Forum Policy Briefs

In preparation for the Generation Equality Forum we developed policy briefs on the key themes of the Action Coalitions, outlining our advocacy positions and contributing a men and masculinities lens to each theme:

Key policies

Our advocacy efforts have contributed to a number of important resolutions that call for the transformation of masculinities to advance gender justice.

submissions and technical inputs provided to policy makers

Key resources

MenEngage Alliance Policy Brief for 35th Session of the Human Rights Council

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Human Rights Council Resolution 35/10 on engaging men and boys

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Case Study on Joint Advocacy: MenEngage Alliance at the 35th Session of the Human Rights Council

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OHCHR Report on engaging men and boys

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Policy brief - OHCHR Report Highlights

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Global and regional policy mapping

What do international gender policy frameworks have to say about ‘men and masculinities’? We reviewed the following policy frameworks, and documented the parts relevant to masculinities and the role of men and boys in achieving gender justice:

  1. Beijing Platform for Action and UN CSW agreed conclusions (1995-2021)
  2. UN Human Rights Council resolutions (2008-2021)
  3. CEDAW Convention and General Recommendations (1979-2020)
  4. International Conference on Population and Development Programme of Action (1994) & 21st Special Session United Nations General Assembly on Population and Development (1999)
  5. United Nations Security Council Resolutions (2020), centering Women Peace and Security Agenda Resolutions (2000-2015)
  6. Beijing+25 Regional Review Conference Outcome Documents (2019-2020) & the Political Declaration on the occasion of the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Fourth World Conference on Women(2020)
  7. Key Regional & Sub-Regional Frameworks

More effective programming

Our community of practice approach has contributed to shaping impactful programmes to transform masculinities for gender justice.